Grow and Connect with Your Audience

You might be wondering if now is a good time to start a podcast. Unequivocally, the answer is yes. Here's why.  


The percentage of Americans who listen to podcasts.

Up 15%

That's a 15% increase over the previous 2 years.


The number of weekly listeners has doubled since 2016.


That's 4X the number of Game of Thrones watchers!


of people listen to learn something new.


That's 123 Million people using podcasts to learn.


are more likely to trust brands advertise on podcasts they listen to.


That means that listeners implicitly trust podcast hosts. 

Seth Godin

"Podcasting is the new blogging."

- Seth Godin (read it here)

Why You Should Start a Podcast Right Now.

  • Easy to get Started

    You can do it for less than $100.

  • Growing Audience

    Podcast growth is trending upward.

  • The Next Great Content Plane

    87% of people like podcasting because they can do other things will listening.

  • You Can Help People

    Listeners want to learn new things.

  • You can Connect with Customers

    Podcasting provides an opportunity to connect.

  • You can Grow Your Business

    Podcasting means you're generous with your time. People like to reward generosity.

Success Stories

Michelle Frechette

Michelle Frechette

I thought I'd start a podcast and have moderate to no success. Less than a year in I've recorded over 100 episodes with more than 100 guests. Through the podcast I can help each guest tell their story, and the community is richer because of it.

Chris Badgett

Chris Badgett

I'm smarter, better networked, created a lead machine, and am able to add incredible free value to my community because of the decision to start a podcast 5+ years ago.

Patrick Rauland

Patrick Rauland

Before podcasting I used to have to approach other people at conferences. Now people come up to me to start conversations about their favorite episodes. Who knew recording episodes in my bedroom would make conferences easier?

Joe Casabona

My Own Success Story

Hi! I'm Joe Casabona. As a long time podcaster and web developer. Admittedly, my first show didn't go so well. I started in in last 2013 and it didn't catch on.

But then I hone my process and my message, and launched a new show in 2016. I've grown my current show,  How I Built It, into one that have been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times. It's also a main income generator for my business, through sponsorship, affiliate income, and leads. I've been able to sell more courses and land consulting work as a direct result of my show.

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