You Want to Start a Podcast,
but it Takes so Much Time.

Podcasting is a fast growing medium. You know that and you want to start one. But there are a lot of steps for starting and maintaining a podcast. Where do you start? How do you make sure you're consistent?

Will you put in all the effort just to abandon it?

What if you could just press record ?

Your message is worth hearing. You have a lot of knowledge and you know podcasting is the kind of content to create right now. But starting a podcast takes a lot of work.

Scheduling Guests
...that's a lot of stuff to do.

Most podcasts don't make it past
7 Episodes

That's podfade. Most (75% according to AmplifiMedia) podcasts become inactive. Putting a podcast together is hard work, and creators get burnt out. It's easy to see why. To have a successful podcast, you have a lot to do:

Podcast Launch To Do List

  • Choose a name and do some research to make sure you can use it
  • Create artwork for the show, following Apple's guidelines
  • Determine the format that works best for you
  • Come up with a list of topics
  • Purchase and configure your recording gear
  • Set up your computer to record episodes
  • Find a podcasting platform for your episodes
  • Find and license intro and outro music
  • Syndicate your podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Pandora, Stichter, and TuneIn.
  • Figure out your bumpers - what you'll say at the beginning and end of each episode.
  • Research your topics
  • Create outlines or scripts
  • Research and schedule guests
  • Communicate with your guests to make sure they have what they need.
  • Edit
  • Transcribe
  • Gather show notes
  • Publicize

That's Hours of Work.

By some estimates, the ratio is 4:1. That's 4 minutes of work for every 1 minute of content. If you want a 30 minute podcast, you're looking at 2 hours, at least (probably 3-4 if you're working with guests). Not to mention the all the prelaunch stuff, which can take 8-12 hours if you put in the proper time.

...Assuming you know all the steps you have to take. No wonder podfade is so real!

I Will Get You to 8 Episodes, and Beyond.

Joe Casabona

Hi! I’m Joe Casabona

As a long time podcaster and web developer, I know the ins and outs of launching a show, from finding topics and guests to building the website and getting it in Apple Podcasts and Spotify. I've grown my current show,  How I Built It, into a main income generator for my business through sponsorship and leads.

I want to help you tell your story - and I believe podcasting is the best way to do it.

Erin Flynn

Erin Flynn

Host of The Successfully Simple Show

Let's be real, starting a podcast is intimidating. I'm a web designer/developer and I STILL felt overwhelmed by all the tech needed and how to set everything up. With Joe's guidance I now have the equipment, software, and know-how to have my podcast up and running. And you can bet he'll be who I go back to when I'm ready to take it to the next level!

You're here because...

  • You've looked into starting a podcast and became overwhelmed.
  • You've tried starting a podcast and it didn't go well.
  • You became a victim of the dreaded podfade.

You talk. I'll do the rest.


We'll talk about your goals for the show, where your area of expertise lies, and come up with a show title, artwork ideas, and a list of topics for us to talk about. Based on that, you'll get any outlines and research for each episode.


Then we'll get to creating. Depending on your goals and the format, I'll either interview you over the course of our episodes , or I'll set everything up for you. Either way, the only thing you'll need to do is press record.


Then comes the fun part! We'll schedule and launch your show. The only thing you'll need to do here is promote. And I'll help you with that too!

+ Motivation

Together, we'll make sure your podcast gets the attention it needs to flourish and grow.

Your Own Personal Producer

Podcasting is about more than just talking into a mic. It's about putting together a program for your listeners and taking them on a journey. That journey can be episodic (a new thread per episode) or serial (a thread throughout an entire season). You want to engage, surprise, and delight your listeners.

As someone who's both been podcasting and teaching for a long time, I can put together that program for you. Think of me as your own personal producer.

We'll figure out the story you want to tell, and then we'll tell it in a way that grabs your audience.

Sample Episode

Want to hear what you're in for? Here's a recent sample episode of How I Built It.

Jeff Large speaks on Using Podcasts to Grow & Market Your Business, at WordCamp Chicago 2016 #WCChi

Jeff Large

Podcast Producer and Host

Joe knows his stuff. He has real experience teaching at the collegiate level, developing websites, and a running a successful podcast. I know him both personally and professionally and trust him to deliver.


Chris Lema

VP of Product at Liquid Web

Joe brings more than his knowledge & intelligence - which is substantial - to his work. He brings his heart and that empathy is what makes him brilliant.

Sound Good to You?

Podcast Kickstart

  • Podcast Homepage
  • Distribution Platform
  • Player Setup
  • Consultation
  • Launch Blueprint
  • Free Access to my podcasting course ($199 value)

Launch + Production

$1,499 + $399 / episode
  • Everything in Kickstart
  • Discovery Call
  • Suggestions for Show Name
  • Podcast Artwork Concepts
  • Intro & Outro Music
  • Research / Topic Outlines
  • Guest Scheduling
  • Recording & Editing
  • Transcriptions
  • Publishing
  • Minimum 8 Episodes

Continued Support: Episode Production

$349 / episode
  • Research / Topic Outlines
  • Recording & Editing
  • Transcriptions
  • Publishing
  • Minimum 8 Episodes
  • Discount for 10+
  • Guest Booking & Research for additional $75/epsiode

Frequently Asked Questions

That's totally up to you, as long as you're consistent! I've seen daily, and I've seen monthly. I think, depending on your content, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly works for most people.

Great question! We'll start by recording our audio - that will produce 2 files: one with just your voice, and one with just mine. They'll be combined in editing.

We'll also talk about bumpers - what's said at the beginning (or top) and end (or bottom) of the show. Those will be recorded separately as a way to tease what's coming, sum up what was said, and give a clear call to action.

Finally, we'll lay some much down behind the bumpers to give it a nice, dynamic feel and to give a cue to the listener that we're either starting, or ending.

It does not. Based on what you need, I'll work with you to find the right podcast hosting platform for you, or you can bring you own! This is a better long term strategy for the show.

That's totally up to you. I can host the show for you and be the interviewer/driver, or I can be on the call but stay silent, directing the show via chat to help guide you along. That's definitely something we'll talk about on our first call.

I will! If you're doing the full launch and production, it's included. I want to reduce the number of barriers for you to launch your show so it's built-in - we'll do what we need to get your first set of episodes out the door.

If you're doing continues support, it's an additional $75/episode to find, research, and communicate with the guests.

Yes! I firmly believe that transcripts help a podcast grow. And I'm not the only one. Popular podcasters like Pat Flynn, and SEO experts like the folks at Moz say so too.

Luckily, no matter what you choose, transcripts are included in the price.

Don't worry! As part of our initial call, we'll talk gear and I'll give you some ideas for a good mic that won't break the bank (as well as a couple that will, if you're interested!).

Let's Chat!

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